Welcome to my blog!

On this blog, I would like to share French and Portuguese language learning materials. My focus will be vocabulary and grammar exercises, hints and tips related to methodology, and also some interesting info related to the cultural background. The aim of this blog is not to build and transmit knowledge systematically from scratch but it would rather provide interesting information by completing school or individual learning.

Languages have always been a passion for me, but I’m particularly interested in Modern Latin languages. I started studying French when I was 12 and I have been learning, teaching and – thanks to family connection – using this wonderful language ever since. I got familiar with Portuguese later: a university scholarship allowed me to spend 6 months in Portugal where I fell in love with the language and culture. So,

  • if you want to learn the languages with playful exercises
  • if – besides academic level – you are also interested in how the language is spoken in real life
  • If you want to get to know the cultural background

I hope, you’ll find the posts interesting.

The posts are not all available in English, only some of them are translated – however, I will try to upload the English version of the grammar and vocabulary related exercises.

Please note that I’m also a qualified teacher and I give language lessons – either in person or via Skype. You can check the list of the available lessons and prices by clicking HERE.